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観光・体験メニュー「遊び場」 観光・遊び場説明
紀美野町立 のかみふれあい公園

リストマーク・花丸Kimino Town Nokami Fureai Park

スタンプ・トイレスタンプ・食事スタンプ・授受スタンプ・駐車場Parking 148 vehicles

  • Opening hours April to September 8:00AM-7:00PM
    October to March 9:00AM -5:00PM
  • Closed Tuesdays * However, free facilities may be used even on days that the park is closed
  • 073-489-5300

This park sits on a mountain peak overlooking Makunigawa (Prefectural Route 4).
Filled with fun things to do, including a spacious lawn, Wanpaku Square with giant play equipment that will delight the adventurous spirit, a barbecue site perfect for family and group outings, Nokami Fureai Park Auto Camp area, a hugely popular park golf course, Midori Farmer's Market selling seasonal vegetables from Kimino, and Kimino's Cafe, where you can enjoy a meal centered on curry and chai.


紀美野町立 くすのき公園

リストマーク・花丸Kimino Town Kusunoki Park

スタンプ・トイレParking 4 vehicles

  • Opening hours Any time
  • 073-489-5904

Named after the giant camphor tree (14 m) that greets visitors, this park has on display Moha 31, a train car from the Nogami Electric Railway, which was discontinued in 1944.
The orange and white coloring creates a retro, Showa-era vibe.
There's a bakery nearby as well, so why not take a snack break as you gaze at this old-fashioned train car?



リストマーク・花丸 Shigano Park Golf Course

スタンプ・トイレParking available

  • Opening hours Any time
  • 090-1028-3590

The old Shigano Elementary School grounds have been turned into a park golf course.
This is a 9-hole golf course that children and adults alike can enjoy. Clubs are available for rental as well.
In general, the course is free-in, free-out (with fee).
On Sundays from 10:00AM to 4:00PM only, you can take a rest at the neighboring Shigano Niji no Sato (Rainbow Village).
This is a spot where the locals enjoy mixing together.



リストマーク・花丸(National Route 370) Kishigawa

The clear streams of Kishigawa River flowing through the town of Kimino. The fireflies come out in early summer, and many visitors come to play in the river during summer. Since there are cafes, restaurants, temples, and other things to see and do in these mountains, which show the scenery of the four seasons, this area is popular as a driving, touring, and cycling course.♪
There are accommodations adjacent to the river you can use when you come to play in the river.



リストマーク・花丸(Prefectural Route 4) Makunigawa

About one hour from by car Kansai International Airport is the town of Kimino, where you can enjoy nature to the fullest. Enjoy beautiful silver grass meadows, starry skies, and cherry blossoms in spring. While you're hiking or driving, we recommend you take in the scenery, such as the giant trees that have stood since time immemorial and the fantastic rocks created by nature.