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リストマーク・花丸 Ogawa no Sato Farmer's Store


  • Opening hours 8:00 AM-4:00 PM
  • Closed Every day except the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month
  • 073-489-3785

Next to a water mill that recalls the olden days is a farmer's store selling fresh fruits and vegetables from Kimino as well as handmade goods.
Since it's right next to the parking lot for those climbing the Oishi Kogen highlands, the premier spot in Kansai Japanese silver grass, stop by when you're visiting Mt. Oishi (Oishi Kogen).


ふれあい館 緑の郷農産物販売所

リストマーク・花丸 Fureaikan Midori no Sato Farmer's Store

スタンプ・トイレスタンプ・授受Parking Can fit up to 148 vehicles

  • Opening hours 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Closed Tuesdays
  • 073-489-5300

A farmer's store at Nokami Fureai Park in the town of Kimino, here, you can buy the seasonal fruits and vegetables of Kimino, as well as processed goods and more.
They even have souvenirs and toys.



紀州 マルイチ農園

リストマーク・花丸 Maruichi Farm

スタンプ・授受Parking Can fit up to 10 vehicles

  • Opening hours 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays
  • 073-489-5601

This farm cultivates and distributes everything from fruits such as plum, chestnut, and persimmon, to a potato unique to Kimino called the “red clay potato,” as well as wild greens.
A popular product, the "Oishikute Bik-kuri" (Surprisingly Delicious Chestnut) is just as surprisingly delicious as the name suggests! Also, the Chestnut Jam featured on TV is another very popular souvenir.
The produce shipped in and out of town is of course made into cuisine as well as snacks and breads, expanding its delicious sphere of influence.

share space くらとくり

リストマーク・花丸 Kura to Kuri

スタンプ・トイレスタンプ・食事スタンプ・授受Parking Can fit up to 10 vehicles

  • Opening hours 11:00 AM-15:00 PM
  • Closed weekdays and holidays
  • 073-499-5580

Kura to Kuri is a shared space born from the renovation of an old rice granary about to be torn down due to old age.
As of 2016, three shops are operating on the weekends: Maruichi Farm, The STAND by RAP YARD, and Mominoki Shokudo.
The space, a comfortable blend of nostalgia and novelty, is crowded with visitors every week.
Check the website for all the different events being held throughout the year ♪
Since this is a Kimino Cycle Station, we recommend taking a break from cycling here!


花いちばん 花の駅

リストマーク・花丸 Hana Ichiban Flower Station

スタンプ・トイレParking Can fit up to 120 vehicles

  • Opening hours From 9:30 AM
    closing time depends on the season
  • Closed days Irregular
  • 090-8983-8701 (FAX 073-495-2984)

A multipurpose space in the garden at Hana IchibanA variety of gentle scenes play out in this room, made with ample wood, which gives it warmth, and large windows that let sunlight in and give a view of each of the four seasons.
This space can be used to bring ideas to life, including hands-on events, exhibitions, and small concerts.



リストマーク・花丸 Furusaka Egg Shop

スタンプ・授受Parking 10 vehicles

  • Opening hours 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
  • Closed once items sell out
  • 073-495-2219

These eggs, produced with taste and safety in mind, are extremely popular and sell out nearly every day.
The record for the fastest time to sell out all the eggs is an incredible 5 minutes! These eggs, which bring fans from far away, have yolks so thick you can pick them up with your fingers.

コミュニティアートカフェ 真国の荘

リストマーク・花丸 Community Art Cafe Makuni no Show

スタンプ・トイレParking Can fit up to 20 vehicles

  • Opening hours 11:00 AM-3:00 PM
  • Closed Wednesday
  • 073-497-0749
コミュニティアートカフェ 真国の荘

A former farming co-op warehouse that has been renovated into a multipurpose space This artistic space features sunlight pouring through multicolored glass in an interior that harmoniously blends the rough structure of the building with the warmth of freshly mounted wood.
This space can be used for a variety of events, such as exhibitions, presentations, and workshops.